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An effective newsletter app.

Ciblez vos destinataires avec précision Ciblez vos destinataires avec précision

The newsletter app that allows for multi-criteria targeting

Filtering possibilities with our newsletter app Mailify are endless: you can combine multiple filters to get an accurate audience.
If you know the age, gender and postal code of your recipients, you could for example reach all women who are over 40 and live in the capital, to send them a personalized message. Adapt the filters according to your camapigns.

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Customizing targeting criteria with our newsletter app

The only limit you will face when customizing your filters is your own fantasy.
Enhance your contact lists by adding key information and match filtering criteria to fit your needs. All the data you add to the columns in your contact lists can be used to personalize your email marketing campaigns.

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The Mailify newsletter app allows you to manage your contact lists with ease


Import contacts without limits

Add all the contacts that you wish in your newsletter app. Import an Excel file (cvs, txt, xls), copy/paste them, from contact list, Outlook or any SQL database.


API / contact lists

Automatically add recipients to your lists. For specialists, you can add / edit / remove data from your contact lists and blacklists via HTML queries with the GET method.


Multi-criteria screening

Mailify is a highly powerful newsletter application with endless targeting capabilities. Use the contact list fields (name, address, birth data, etc.) to sort your database and define a specific targeting.


Custom filtering

Each column in your mailing list is a customized field. Thus, everything is completely customizable to create a custom targeting, according to your postal needs.


Duplicates are automatically detected

Mailify takes the time to remove duplicated email addresses from your database. Save time and money - and concentrate on your e-mails.


Correcting incorrect addresses

Your contacts may have made errors when inputting their email address on your site. Mailify automatically corrects errors in the domain name. For example, becomes


Detection of gender

When you are about to send your emails, your contacts undergo a final check and addresses in the blacklist or whose email is unknown are removed - effectively avioiding sending emails with no arrival destination.


Reduce opt-outs and rebounds

When you are about to send your emails, your contacts are subject to a final check and addresses on the blacklist or whose email address is not known are deleted - avoiding you to send emails without an arrival destination.


Management of blacklists

When building your campaign, you just have to select the blacklist in which the unsubscribed contacts will be added. Therefore, Mailify will automatically remove these from all future newsletter campaigns.


Registration forms

Design your own forms and gather new email addresses to enrich your contact lists. Intuitively incorporate your contact forms on your website, and find your new subscribers in Mailify Sunrise.


Invitation forms

You are organizing a one-off event and would like to invite your contacts? Make your own invitation form and get answers from your contacts directly in your contact lists.


Survey forms

Do you have any question? Your contacts may have the answer. Build your own survey forms and gather responses from your contacts straight into Mailify Sunrise.