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An effective software to send newsletters

Why use an emailing software to send newsletters?

Arguments créer emailing

If you use your usual email software to send newsletters, you may be quickly considered a spammer and see your future campaigns blacklisted.
When you send newsletters from your own inbox you will waste precious time, will not have the same results and will find your future newsletters compromised - not to mention, your company's reputation damaged.

1Save time

A good software allows you to automatically manage your blacklists, to duplicate your databases, to create emails and to schedule your newsletters in advance. This is a considerable time saver if you want to send newsletters on a regular basis.

2 Protect your reputation

Using a mailing solution allows you to protect the reputation of your domain and IP address when you send newsletters. This will avoid being considered a spammer, and will have a considerable impact on the deliverability - and success - of your campaigns.

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3 Create and send effective newsletters

Most emailing softwares offer editors that allow you to create beautiful newsletters - designed and adaptable to any reading device, without any technical skills required.
This opens the window to more customization options when compared to a traditional email client, making your newsletters much more appealing.

4Personalize your emails

With an emailing software, you can customize the dynamic fields (title, surname, first name) to send newsletters that speak to each individual contact. The more personalized, the higher your opening rate.

Discover how Mailify helps 567 027 companies send their newsletters every day

Because we have been experts in our field for over 15 years, we work daily to ensure the reliability of our infrastructure and services to maximize your chances of arriving at the inbox whenever you send newsletters. We have developed many features that also allow you ensure the best deliverability to your newsletters.


REVO Prioritary Technology

In order to constantly evolve and to satisfy the increasing demand, Mailify has reinvented the emailing version 2.0 routing for an increased sending capacity and an even more precise deliverability to send newsletters.


Dedicated Domain Names

Customize your sending domain and behavioral tracking URLs. This has the double advantage of appearing more consistent in your communications and increasing the efficiency and deliverability of your newsletters.


A/B Testing

The split test A / B allows you to increase the performance of your emailing. Send two versions of the same newsletter to samples of your contact list. The best-performing version is then sent to the rest of your database.


Preview before sending

Be sure your newsletter will be displayed correctly on all email platforms. Our newsletter maker offers you a preview of your emails in all the main email providers - send newsletters with total certainty of what they will look like.


Dispatch of tests

Before sending your newsletter to all your recipients, test your email on different email accounts. The email doesn't fall into SPAM? Perfect. You are ready to officially send newsletters.


Verification before sending

Mailify checks for you that your campaign is complete before sending. If any item is missing, Mailify warns you about it so you can have your emailings properly delivered.


Anti-spam Test

Before sending your newsletter, Mailify tests it to make sure if doesn't fall into junk mail. Make sure you reach recipients and increase the chances of success of your campaign. Send newsletters knowing they will bring in results.


Scheduling of delayed shipments

Choose a direct shipment or postpone it. Schedule your shipment to be dispatched automatically when you want. You can optimize your schedule and dedicate it to other tasks.


Predictive shipment

Mailify detects the day and time when your emails are most often opened by each contact in your database in order to deliver your next messages at the most opportune moments. Send newsletters when your recipients are ready to open them.