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How to send a newsletter with optimized deliverability? Mailify Sunrise has the answer.

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Délivrabilité REVO Délivrabilité REVO

REVO: the smart emailing infrastructure

Mailify invests the routing emailing REVO version 2.0 - a technology developed specifically by our R&D unit that allows us to optimize the deliverability of emailing for each destination domain. The answer to "How to send a newsletter with good deliverability" is here.

  • Scalability of the sending speed according to your needs
  • Real-time tracking of the e-reputatation of the sending servers
  • Smart management of bounces and error cleaning
  • Anti-spam scoring of email campaigns
  • System of moderation and prevention of abuse
  • Opt for a professional quality SMTP infrastructure for routing your newsletters.

    How to send a newsletter with secure routing and guaranteed maximum deliverability?

    Management of authentication, IASP and Complaints

    How to send a newsletter in a secure way? We automatically support all the authentication techniques: SPF, Sender ID, DKIM, DMARC... The system detects and raises the bounces and compaints in your newsletter software.

    Monitoring and relationships with email providers

    We maintain regular exchanges with all ISPs and courier providers around the world. This allows us to optimize our deliverability and react quickly in case a problem is detected.

    Dynamic IP – Routing

    We have implemented a system of dynamic attribution of the best available IP addresses, according to the analysis of the returns. It is a guarantee of improvement of your shipments in just one flow for a better deliverability.

    Monitoring of reputation 24h/7

    How to send a newsletter while keeping a perfect reputation? We monitor the reputation of our routing infrastructure with an anti-spam system. Newsletter campaigns are moderated to ensure maximum reputation and deliverability at all times.

    Certified reputation

    Mailify is recognized by the National Syndicate of Direct Communication as a trusted provider for emailing routing. We also respect the recommendations of the National Commission of Freedom and Informatics.

    Dedicated domain names

    Customize your shipping domain and tracking URLs, increasing the effectiveness of your campaigns and maximizing your deliverability.
    You can reserve your own domain name (including any domain extension you like, such as .com / .fr / .pt and so on), fully control you sender reputation and no longer use the shared sending and tracking domain.
    So ISPs and your recipients will see your own domain name in the shiping fields and in your own links.

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    Secure and professional infrastructure

    To process and secure your data, Mailify relies on an ecoresponsible datacenter monitored 24/7, 365 days a year, which access to is highly restricted. All sensitive data is stored on servers behind a permanently maintained firewall, offering quality and security guanrantees comparable to those of banks, for example.
    In addition, you data is never shared with third parties. Only certain authorized employees have access to your account to manage the customer relationship and support. All data is also saved on several separate sites. Many techniques are implemented to ensure the high availability of our systems (99.99%) to ensure recovery in the event of a hardware failure.


    REVO owned technology

    To constantly evolve and satisfy the growing demand, Mailify has reinvented the emailing version 2.0 routing for increased sending capacity and even more accurate deliverability.


    Dedicated domain names

    Customize your sending domain and behavioral tracking URLs. How to send a newsletter and know your email won't fall into spam? Having your own domain appears more consistent and increases the deliverability by keeping your sender reputation intact.


    A/B Testing

    How to send a newsletter that will definitely have good results? Testing them out is a great way to improve. The split test A / B allows you to send two versions of the same newsletter to samples from your list. The best performing one is then sent to the rest of the list.


    Preview before sending

    How to send a newsletter and know it will be displayed properly? Our emailing app offers you the possibility to preview your newsletter in all the main webmails.


    Send tests

    Before sending your newsletter to all your recipients, test your email on different email accounts and those of your colleagues. No emails fell into SPAM? You're officially ready to send your newsletter.


    Verification before sending

    Mailifys checks that your campaign is complete before sending for you. If any item is missing, Mailify warns you to complete it and have your newsletters properly delivered.


    Anti-spam testing

    Before sending your campaign, Mailify tests it to make sure your newsletters will not end up as junk mail. How to send a newsletter and be certain it won't be seen as SPAM? Mailify helps you out with that.


    Scheduling delayed sendings

    Choose a direct sending date or postpone it. Schedule your campaign to be sent automatically when you want. You can optimize your schedule and dedicate new-found time to other tasks.


    Predictive sending

    Mailify detects the day and time when your emails are most oftern opened by each contact in your database in order to deliver your newsletters at the most opportune moment.