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Be demanding: send a newsletter for free with the best emailing routing platform


Check your newsletter before sending

Have you thought about adding an unsubscribe link and enabling behavioral tracking of your links?
To help you, Mailify offers you a quick summary of your newsletter campaign in the form of a checklist.
Send newsletters for free and don't miss out on anything that could affect your deliverability.

Vérifiez votre emailing

Anti-spam test when you send a newsletter for free

Before sending your campaign, Mailify verifies that your newsletter will not fall into junk mail thanks to Spam Assassin's spam test. Everything is checked: content, images, links, encoding...
Put the odds in your favour and make sure your message reaches your recipients.

Test anti-spam

Predictive sending

Mailify helps you to send your newsletter for free at the best time. According to the behaviour of each recipient, our solution will detect for you the day and time when they open their emails the most often.
At that time, your campaign will be delivered to optimize your exposure.

Test your emailing before sending 

Before routing your emailing to many recipients, test it on your different email accounts and those of your colleagues.
Your newsletter doesn't fall into SPAM? You are ready to officially send your campaign.

Testez votre emailing

Schedule your sending of a newsletter for free in advance

Mailify allows you to schedule the sending of your newsletter to later, so it is sent automatically.
This way, you send your newsletter for free AND have plenty of time to focus on other, more pressing tasks - the software will send your email when the time comes.

Programmez votre emailing

A/B testing: send the right message, at the right time

Mailify allows you to perform slipt tests with ease. The A / B split test consists of comparing two versions of the same newsletter to determine which one is the most effective for your recipients. Choose to compare the subject line, content or all the parameters that make up a newsletter.
Both versions with be sent to representative samples of your recipient database. Mailify then compares by tracking the openig rates, and automatically determines which is the best version of your newsletter for free. The winner is then sent to the rest of your recipients, so you can send a newsletter for free - that is, the best possible version of your newsletter.

Split A/B

Mailify increases your chances of arriving at the inbox

We increase your chances of success with optimized servers, whose quality is recognized - ensuring the routing of your newsletters and their delivery in the inbox and not in SPAM. 


Owned REVO technology

To be able to evolve constantly and satisfy the rapidly changing demand, Mailify has redesigned the routing of emailing version 2.0 for greater send capacity and even more reliable deliverability.


Dedicated domain names

Customize your sending domain and behavioral tracking URLs. This has the double advantage of appearing to be more consistent in your communications and increasing the efficiency and deliverability when you send newsletters for free.


A/B Testing

The A / B split test allows you to increase the performance of each newsletter you send. Send two versions to samples from your list - the best performing one is then sent to the rest of your list. Send a newsletter for free that keeps getting better with each campaign.


Preview before sending

Be sure your newsletter will be displayed correctly for all your clients. Our newsletter software offers you a chance to preview your message in all the classic email platforms.


Sending of tests

Before sending a newsletter for free to all your recipients, test your email on your different email accounts and those of your collegues. No messages fallling into SPAM? You are ready to send newsletters for free to all your contacts.


Verification before sending

Mailify checks that your campaign is complete before sending anything. If any item is missing, Mailify warns you to complete it and have your newsletters properly delivered.


Anti-spam test

Before sending your newsletter, Mailify tests it to verify that it will not be considered junk mail. Make sure you deliver your message and increase the chances of success of the campaign.


Scheduling of delayed sending

Choose a direct shipment or postpone it. Schedule your shipment to leave automatically when you specify. You can optimize your schedule and dedicate the extra time to other tasks. 


Predictive sending

Mailify detects the day and time when your emails are most often opened by each contact in you database in order to deliver your newsletters at the best possible time.