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Improve the performance of your recovery emails with our online newsletter maker


Mailify's online newsletter maker brings you: behavioral segmentation

Mailify's online newsletter maker comes with our Behavioral Tracking Tool, which allows you to know the behavior of each of your recipients in the face of an email marketing campaign.
With behavioral targeting, you can prepare each recovery email with greater precision: target your most loyal prospects according to their opening rates, restart the clickers and manage the openers based on their region...
Mailify's online newsletter maker and targeting engine is the most powerful in the market and allows you to combine many extra criteria to set up an effective strategy and maximize your conversion rate.

Vérifiez votre emailing

Mailify helps you get to know your recipients

Restart the inactives with our online newsletter maker

Mailify's online newsletter maker allows you to detect who your inactive contacts are - these are contacts who have not opened your last emailing campaigns.
Thus, you can set up specific email campaigns to restart these contacts, and make sure that they are always interested in your newsletters.
You can also exclude these contacts from your regular mailing list by placing them in a blacklist so as not to damage your reputation, and improve deliverability of your emailings - as well as campaign statistics.

Test anti-spam

Worldwide geolocalisation

Locate your active recipients on a global map and enrich your geographic contact database. Use the data that our online newsletter maker provides and target your recipients based on their location. 


Extensive statistical reports

Mailify gives you extensive statistics that help you improve the ROI. Find out more about which link, button or visual generated the most income in order to boost future marketing campaigns.


Individual behavioural monitoring

Measure the opening, click and unsubscribe rates for each campaign. Identify the contacts who have most frequently clicked or read your emails and reactivate them.


Measuring the reading time (unique)

Go past opening and click rates when examining your statistics. Mailify's newsletter builder gives you the real reading time of your emails so you can better understand the general behavior of your contacts.


Reading platform detection

Mailify shows you the messaging and webmail platforms most used by your recipients, as well as their reading devices (smartphone, tablet, PC). Tailor your marketing strategy to new consumer preferences.


Restart the inactives

With filters, you can target your recipients based on their data and behavior, such as non-active contacts. You can restart them according to the criteria of your choice.


Behavorial segmentation

Relaunch only recipients who have not opened your newsletter, or thank those who have. Optimize your marketing with behavioral targeting and send the right email to the right people.


Google Analytics extension

If you use Google Analytics to analyze your website's audience, you can enable statistical tracking in Mailify's online newsletter generator to analyze the impact of each campaign on your site's traffic.