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A reliable and high-performing solution for developers

Our APIs are designed by developers for developers! Our goal is to simplify emailing and make data communication between Sarbacane and enterprise app environments easy

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Closely monitor your campaigns

Synchronize your contact information. Our RESTful API allows you to very easily add, change, delete or recover data from your contact lists and your blacklists (unsubscribes, bounces, complaints).

Recover your statistics

Access statistics on your emailing and SMS campaigns directly from your applications, sites and software without having to log into the Sarbacane Sunrise application.

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Optimize your transactional emails

Sarbacane Software created Tipimail, an easy-to-integrate SMTP relay for developers to route transactional emails. With Tipimail, emails are instantly sent and traced. The application offers you a number of features such as template management, automatic link replacement with tracking links, bounce and unsubscribe processing, the possiblity of segmenting and logging your flows and even the possiblity of being notified in real time if there are any problems with your mailings.

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Stay connected

With Sarbacane Sunrise Webhooks, you can automatically and instantly transfer events linked to your mailings: bounces, unsubcribes, openings, clicks... to your applications or software.

Your users will benefit from updated data in real time for immediate use.

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Centralized management with our plugins!

PrestaShop, Magento, Wordpress. Our many different plugins allow you to automate your work, manage your information reliably in real time, streamline data flows and, therefore, bring in revenue.

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Enjoy efficient integration with our APIs

Integration libraries are available in CURL, PHP, NODE JS, RUBY, PYTHON, JAVA, GO, or C#. Connect to the Sarbacane Sunrise RESTful API, which is 100% compatible with your favourite framework and languages! Need help integrating our API? See our complete documentation for easily installation. Our experts are also available to help you with your integration projects or to create custom interfaces with you which adapt to your information system.