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Choosing Sarbacane means expecting a top-of-the-range support.

The women and men at Sarbacane are trained to provide you with the best level of support, every day.

Phone, chat & email

Teams based in Europe

18 years of marketing expertise

A dozen of consultants in direct marketing welcomes you.

A kind first point of contact to define your objectives

The first time you're calling us, a consultant will take care of your request and analyze your needs carefully.

We'll define together what your marketing objectives are, by taking a close look at the state of your current strategy, your resources and your technical capabilities.

Our objectve

Offer you the level of support and functional coverage matching your needs. Our consultants tell you about it:

Thibaut Letrillard

Sarbacane Key Account Manager

“For more than five years, I have been helping Sarbacane's future customers in the implementation of their projects. My experience also brought me to be in charge of key accounts and tailor-made needs.”

Malik Hammadi

Sales Manager

“Managing our sales team is a real plasure for me because we want to meet our clients' challenges by bringing them our expertise in digital marketing. ”

Françoise Moyart

Sarbacane consultant

“Being in tune with your projects, expectations, and having the opportunity to support you on a daily basis on your strategy, that's what makes my days exciting!”

Anthony Gamain

Sarbacane consultant

“What I like most about my job is the diversity of projects and being able to listen to potential Sarbacane clients in order to offer them digital solutions adapted to their strategy.”

or call us +1 646 867 2537

A team of experts available at each step of your project.

A customer relationship team available for everyone

Whatever your request, our teams will answer your questions, bring their expertise and be committed to the success of your projects.

Beyond mere technical support, we help you to make the most of Sarbacane so that you can take the right actions at the right moment.

Our objectve

Help you make your projects a reality and highlight the value of your marketing actions. Our experts tell you about it:

Pauline Poencin

Sarbacane expert

“What I love is the variety of tasks I'm in charge of plus the support we provide every customer. Listening and consideration are our mottos.”

Laurie Trottein

Exclusive Coach

“As an Exclusive coach, I like to share my knowledge to best help our clients and to stay on top of the digital evolutions and suggest relevant contents”

Andy Thune

Sarbacane expert

“In a permanent interaction with our customers, I'm always happy to help them day after day in their use of Sarbacane and in their marketing strategy.”

Elena Penas Alamo

Sarbacane expert

“Being a member of the customer service is an opportunity. I like the human approach with our customers and to advise them on a daily basis in their use of Sarbacane.”

or call us +1 646 867 2537

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