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Need advanced features?
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Sarbacane offers a perfect balance between cutting-edge technology, data security and human support... Your success is our goal!

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Accompagnement Sarbacane

Personalized monitoring

You'll be assigned a dedicated representative for a personalized relationship. Whether for business audits, training and assistance with the advanced solution features, recommendations on deliverability and migration or integration issues, your expert will be available to you to best meet your needs, understand your strategy and the special circumstances of your trade as well as help you reach your most ambitious goals.

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Exclusive services

Get access to all the features, even the most advanced ones, through the use of artificial intelligence, particularly predictive sending. Get personalized support focusing on your goals with a dedicated expert to enhance your campaign results. Enjoy the Desktop version as well as the web-based version for more convenience and offline campaign management.

Experts Campagnes Sarbacane Experts Sarbacane

Your expert campaigns

Capture the attention of your customers and increase the revenue generated by your campaigns, with optimized messages designed by our experts. With over 15 years of experience, our Design Teams create custom responsive email templates for you.

Trust our teams to create and send your campaigns to boost your performance!

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Optimized deliverability

Essential to the performance of any marketing campaign, the deliverability is a complicated subject and even more so nowadays with all the evolution.

Our experts provide their knowledge and experience to help your mailings. From the technical configuration of your account to implementing a dedicated environment for your mailings as well as auditing the content of your messages, everything will be optimized to enhance the rate of receipt of your campaigns.

Data security


We pay particular attention to protecting and securing your data.

Although the entry into force of GDPR strengthened confidentiality standards, Sarbacane has already been implementing effective mechanisms to guarantee a high level of security for your data and contacts for 18 years.

Our data hosting centres are under 24/7 surveillance to guarantee fool-proof availability, reliability and confidentiality. Sarbacane is compliant with GDPR and our experts are always available to help you, answer your questions and ensure optimal protection for your data.

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Automate your mailings!

Increase your interaction with your contacts by sending automatic campaigns! Offer your recipients an exceptional experience and give them the impression they're unique...

Scenarios triggered by a subscription, a birthday, a sale, a visit to your website, or predictive emails based on the behavioral statistics of the recipients. Deliver the right message at the moment that is best for your contacts, and on the most effective channel. Increase your revenue and visibility with a relevant omnichannel approach. Our experts are at your disposal to assist you in the development of a marketing strategy automated and adapted to your goals.

Fully demonstrate your commercial efficacy, free up precious time for your marketing teams and enhance your performance!

Automatisation Sarbacane

Integrate Sarbacane with your tools

Centralize and synchronize your data in real time and with complete security by interconnecting all your information systems with your Sarbacane account with our API and Webhooks. Save time, add a new dimension to your marketing projects and enhance your results! Your dedicated representative is available to help with the integration and synchronization of all your data, whatever the source may be.